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The world’s first compostable polyester fibre. 95.4% decomposition in just 179 days.*

Certified in EU & NA markets.
*under industrial composting conditions
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More than 100 million tons of polyester fibres are produced every year, which take centuries to degrade in a natural environment.


73% of waste garments are sent for incineration or land-fill.


Up to 83% of tap water samples contain micro plastics.


Up to 35% of the global micro plastics in the environment come from synthetic textile products.

We are breathing plastic.

Micro-plastic is linked to air pollution.

We are eating plastic.

Micro-plastic enters the food chain.

We are drinking plastic.

83% of tap water samples contain micro-plastic.

We have created a revolutionary compostable polyester fibre. Combining high-tech innovation, sustainability and fashion, we empower people to make a positive impact on the planet.

Our biodegradable polymer allows complete microbial decomposition leaving nothing but biomass, carbon dioxide and water.

CELYS™ Compostable Certifications

The BPI Certification program is a third-party verification of ASTM standards for compostable products in North America.

Certificate No. 10529267-1


DIN CERTCO from Germany is an independent certifier of compostable products.

Registration No. 9K0130


The Seedling logo is a registered trademark owned by European Bioplastics (i.e. EUBP).

Registration No. 7W0801


The BPI Certification Mark indicates third-party verification of compostability for consumers, end-users, and composters to use when determining whether or not a product or package is compostable.

NOTE: Please make sure your final product, say a garment, is BPI certified before you use the BPI Certification Mark for consumer-end promotions, although CELYS™ fibre, as an ingredient fibre, has obtained BPI certification.

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DIN CERTCO certifies biodegradable products in accordance with DIN EN 13432 and, if applicable, other national and international standards, and award the two internationally recognized certification marks: its own "DIN-Geprüft industrially compostable" test mark and the “Seedling" compostability mark of European Bioplastics.  

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The Seedling logo proves that a product is certified industrially compostable according to the European standard EN13432. According to EUBP, ‘bioplastic products that are certified for industrial compostability are fully biodegradable’.

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The principle of biodegradation
of CELYS™ fibre.

Biodegradation is a natural process, in which plastic is finally degraded to carbon dioxide, water, and biomass by micro-organisms. Learn how CELYS™ are creating a sustainable future.

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Unique performances of CELYS™ fibres

Diversified applications of CELYS™ fibres

Suits & Shirts
Denim & Bottoms
Sports wear & Outdoor
Faux Fur